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Charcoal Products

Premium Charcoal packed and shipped to you anywhere in the World from Namibia.

Made from sustainably harvested Namibian encroaching bush species. To make degraded areas usable again, the bushes are deliberately thinned out. Bushes and shrubs are selectively harvested and processed into Premium Namibian Hardwood Charcoal.

Selected Phoenix Charcoal products are available as FSC® certified on request!

We usually respond within 24 hours.

Premium BBQ Charcoal

Bulk Orders

We can accommodate very large wholesale orders shipped in 40ft HQ containers.

Premium Quality

We use de-bushing methods that provide a sustainable source of wood.

Global Partners

Phoenix Charcoal products are widely available through our distribution network.

Premium BBQ

Charcoal Products

High performance

Restaurant Quality Charcoal


Wood Harvesting done right

De-bushing can really transform the landscape and create better living conditions for animals, higher carrying capacity, improved ground water levels, natural plant and grass growth and restores biodiversity.

Carbon footprint​

Sustainably harvested from invader bush

Charcoal production in Namibia has positively impacted the economy by creating jobs, promoting forest conservation, stimulating local entrepreneurship, reducing deforestation, and fostering skills development.

We offer custom branded bags

Our premium product is also available in your bag design.

We take your branded bag

Pack your desired charcoal product

Then send it to your preferred location

Send us a message

If you have any questions or queries please let us know.

    Send us a message

    If you have any questions or queries please let us know.


      We are Namibian locals working for Namibian farmers to create a high quality charcoal product for our consumers and restaurant clients.

      proudly namibian

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